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Our series of ayurvedic educational materials are for practitioners who want to SPREAD AYURVEDA and reach more clientele but SAVE hours and weeks of prep time. These organized and resourceful class materials are a great way to have instant credibility and focus on building your business!

Why should you purchase our powerpoints?

  • Fired up about teaching Ayurveda?
  • Want to make Ayurveda more accessible to the mainstream community? 
  • Frustrated the buzz about Ayurveda is not spreading fast enough?
  • Do you wish to save hours and weeks of prep time creating educational materials?
  • Lack the time to provide individualized counseling to your patients?
  • Desire to build more revenue while simultaneously creating satisfied customers?
  • Wish to positively influence your community and inspire healthier change?
  • Do you want to gain instant credibility offering an existing course that has already been approved by an established integrative medicine department and accepted by the medical community?

Then INVEST in saving yourself time, satisfying your clients, building your career, and enhancing your revenue!

Who Can Purchase & Benefit?

Ayurvedic Practitioners-

  • Looking for creative ways to build your practice and make Ayurveda more accessible to the mainstream community? Teach this course to generate interest in your Ayurvedic consultations. Promote personal health care and Ayurveda’s potential for creating wellness.

Ayurvedic Teachers-

  • No time to design your own introduction to Ayurveda course? This pre-designed class is the perfect solution for you. Teach this class in your own private practice setting, community centers, team up with schools and colleges, local hospitals, or other health locations.

Health Practitioners & Educators-

  • Want to include Ayurveda as an aspect of your health curriculum? This is a great adjunct to other material you might be offering to highlight the importance of diet, lifestyle, and self-care. 

Yoga Teachers & Studios-

  • Incorporate teachings of yoga’s sister science into your teacher training curriculum/ workshops. Show how Ayurvedic knowledge will deepen your student’s yoga practice & create long-lasting health benefits.

Hospitals & Integrative Medicine Programs-

  • Looking to expand and diversify your program?  Already promoting wellness and the importance of diet and lifestyle but want to go deeper? This class is critical to empowering clients and educating them about complimentary solutions.

Directions for purchasing materials: 

Before you purchase create a free account with www.dropbox.com. After you purchase you will receive a dropbox link with all the pdf files listed above that come with your purchase if you are a paypal member. All transactions are PAYPAL verified. If you are not a paypal member or have any problems receiving materials after your purchase please email wisdomofayurveda@gmail.com and we will send you the link.  

*Disclaimer: All content is for educational purposes only & not intended to replace medical advice from a trained professional. 

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Powerpoint's for Purchase:

Purchase any of our power point templates and customize them by adding your own personal slides as you choose! Want a specific Ayurvedic presentation custom-made for you on power point?  Let us know!     Receive updated power point slides or handouts for free!

1-4. Ayurveda 101 Fundamentals Course:

  • Separate pricing for hospitals or large companies versus individuals. 
  • Purchase series or any of the 4 classes individually for $300. For a limited time only $260 each!
  • Details about course materials click here 

5. Introduction to Ayurveda-

short and sweet 35 slides, great 1 hour overview perfect for any audience new to Ayurveda                   $108

6. Ayurveda & Yoga in Daily Living-

cultivating longevity, the 4 goals of life, principles for healing, role of yoga as medical therapy       $222

7. Ayurvedic Psychology-

various faculties of mind, 7 chakras, relationship between emotions and doshas, healing modalities    $222

8. Ayurvedic Spices-

benefits for digestion, medicinal benefits of most important spices to stock your kitchen with     $222

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