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  • for Ayurvedic practitioners already in business & students in training
  • 14  hours of inspirational training
  • Learn the recipe for creating a successful & sustainable Ayurveda practice!

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This workshop is about how to transform your passion for Ayurveda into a successful business using simple principles of the 5 elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.  Understand the VPK’s of starting and sustaining an amazing Ayurvedic business from day 1. Distinguish between various types of Ayurvedic business models and what is best suited for your needs.

Topics covered:

  • Making Ayurveda accessible and how to translate interested prospects into clients. 
  • The ingredients for a stellar business strategy from the perspective of the 3 doshas & 5 elements.
  • The magic of marketing- why there is no such thing as competition.
  • Secret to packaging and pricing for all your offerings whether it is products, services, or treatments.
  • Creating a financially sustainable business model that helps you create the lifestyle you want.

Anisha's background:

Anisha brings a wealth of clinical and business experience from more than a decade of private practice and recently launched one of the first Ayurveda programs for a hospital’s integrative medicine department. She created a revolutionary Ayurveda 101 course for patients bringing in 20K in revenue for the first year. She is motivated to share her creative and business strategies to support all Ayurvedic professionals to succeed!

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