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  • “This class introduces you to a different lifestyle. It questions how you are living today and encourages you to change the way you live NOW!”
  • “A new perspective on my personal health! I enjoyed every week and didn’t want the course to end!”
  • “Anisha is a gifted teacher and a model for practicing Ayurveda.”
  • “This class was instrumental in helping me find more balance in my life.”
  • “Ayurvedic lifestyle gives me the potential of taking charge of my health- mentally, physically, and spiritually.”
  • “This class offered a sense of empowerment that I can change my life. Even the very small changes I have made to my lifestyle have been dramatic!”

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On a heavy dose of medication for anxiety and depression, Jenn turned to the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda looking for a cure. Learn more, http://ow.ly/vTVKX. After just a couple of months of treatment, Jenn now feels she is "a whole different person."

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