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Heart of Yoga Immersion Series

    Want to take your yoga experience to the next level? Whether you are a student or a teacher who wants to deepen your practice, these immersion weekends will transform your yoga journey!

  • 48  hours of training available, Saturdays & Sundays from 9-1 pm, 2-6 pm
  • 3 separate weekends offered or 6 day immersion
  • Perfect for yoga studios to add to existing YTT- yoga teacher trainings
  • Continuing education credits for yoga teachers may be available
  • Download Heart of Yoga Workshops Flier!

Weekend 1

Yoga Philosophy- The 8 Jewel’s of Yoga   

  •  8 Limbs, Karma Yoga & Seva (service), & deeper meaning of the Yoga Sutras

Yogic Anatomy- Illuminating the Inner Body                                                                                      

  • 5 Koshas- Sheaths of being, 7 Chakras- Energy Centers, Nadis- Subtle Channels of energy, Integrating Marma Therapy (acupressure) in Yoga Instruction

Weekend 2

 Ayurvedic & Yogic Psychology- The Enlightened Mind

  • Manas, Buddhi, Chitta, Ahamkara, 3 Dosha Types, 3 Gunas (qualities of the mind), Overcoming Negative Emotions & Tendencies

 Living a Yogic Lifestyle  

  • Daily & Seasonal Rhythms for Balance, morning routine, daily routine, bedtime routine

The Secrets to a Yogic Diet through an Ayurvedic Lens 

  •   Nourishing Spiritual Diet, benefits of vegetarianism, sattvic rajasic and tamasik foods, principles of mindful eating, fasting

Weekend 3

Cultivating Vitality: Meditation & Pranayama Techniques 

  • Guidelines for Creating a Practice, Obstacles for Beginners to Overcome,                                     Mantras, Tratak, 7 Chakras, Yoga Nidra, Visualizations, Affirmations

Adopting Ayurvedic Principles in Designing your Yoga Practice

  • Principles of Directional Movement of 5 Vayus in Asanas 
  •  Creating a Practice for your Dosha & Imbalances
  •  Adopting Your Routine Each Season
  • For Women Modifying Your Practice During Menses & Pregnancy

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